Monday, August 17, 2009

Characteristics of a Good Instructional Materials

The use of instructional materials is a big help for the teacher to facilitate the teaching -learning process. These visual aids are important in motivating and arousing your students interest. Here are some characteristics of a good instructional materials that will help you in your teaching process.
The size! It is a must that the material is big enough to be seen by the farthest students in the classroom.. Consider also the font size and font style to be use.
The color! Students are more interested to those materials which are colorful and beautiful. Remember that mostly students are more attracted to bright colors because it is easily catch the students attention and facilitate learning process.
The durability! Instructional materials are not made for one session only they must last if possible until lifetime so that it can be reuse. See to it that it can stand for longer duration of time so that the effort and money you render to have it will not lost in just o one glimpse or snap.
The economy! Consider also the salary of the teacher, his expenses in making that instructional materials. They can use their resourcefulness and creativity to produce their own material. If possible use the cheaper things and making your materials so that it is not a burden on your part.
It's portability! Your materials must be easy to handle and carry so that it is more convenient for your part to catty it wherever you will teach. Imagine if you're teaching in fourth floor and your instructional material is too heavy and big it is not convenient for you to have it.
The relativity! Of course it must be related to the topic or lesson you are into. Remember that teacher uses instructional materials to at ease the burden of teaching and so that student will understand the subject better.
Last, it must be unique! Students want to have things which makes them curious about it. Let them manipulate the material to evaluate how they learn through their own.
In teaching it is must to have and know the characteristics a goof instructional material so that you can be an effective and efficient teacher someday.

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